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Information on Hans Michael and the previous Dieter’s came from a book in th epossession of Anna Smith, who is also a direct descendant of the Dieter’s of Germany.

Hans Michael was appointed to the office of Mayor of Schwaigern, Germany about the middle of 1724. He held this office until his death May 2, 1734. Information from the “Inventory and Partition 1733-34, Archives of Schwaigern, Germany”, page 2906 states: “Herewith is to be remembered that the deceased, Mayor Hans Michael Dieter, was bound in serfdom to the Most Gracious High-Earl and Lordship of Neipperg for which the three heirs must provide and pay out from his estage in equal parts twenty guilders.”

The settling of Hans Michael’s estate July 5, 1734, listed as heirs his second wife, Maria Elisabetha, a son Hans Jorg (George), who emigrated to Pennsylvania, a daughter, Eberhardina, wife of Jacob Baumgartner of Schwaigern, and a daughter, Juliana, wife of Dieter Eberle, a baker. This was the three heirs that were to pay equal parts mentioned above. The children listed here are all children of Hans Michael and Maria Katharina. No children are listed by Maria Elisabetha

Family Lines,” Royce Raines, 2000, See associated free-form text for more information on the sources for this source.
Apparently this document used a variety of sources. They weren’t explicitly called out, but the consisted of at least the following. Note that the title names aren’t guaranteed to be exact.

1) “History of Randolph County” by Hu Maxwell.
2) “Pendleton County History and Pendleton County, Past and Present”
3) “History of Pendleton County” by Morton
4) Unnamed book in possession of Anna Smith. Contains information on Hans Michael and other Dieters (Teter).
5) “Inventory and Partition 1733-34, Archives of Schwaigern, Germany”
6) 1850/60 census records.
7) “The Henckel Genealogy, 1500-1960”. Published by a society of Henckel descendants formed to preserve their heritage.
8) “A History of Pendleton County”, published in 1910


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