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BIOGRAPHY: The name Dieter somehow changed into Teater, Teeter, Teter sometime after they arrived in America.
Birth, Marriage, Death: "Kentucky Teater Family" (FHL:0928205, Item 4) p.1-27.
"THE KENTUCKY TEATER FAMILY" book-LDS Film #0928205, Item 4
"KELLOGG NOTEBOOKS On W. VA FAMILIES" by:Joseph M. KELLOGG (microfilm available from the
University of West Virginia, Vol. 1, page 1, 37.)
Comments: "KTF" p.1: There are several lines of TETER families in America. To define our family, we use the term KENTUCKY TEATER FAMILY, meaning those descendants of George TETER, who died in Garrard Co., Kentucky in 1815. This George TETER was the son of George DIETER who lived on the Opequon River in Virginia in present-day Berkeley County, West Virginia(Note:Opequon Town is located on Opequon Creek in present day Frederick County, Virginia, there is no Opequon River - Bud Weaver). Our TETER line from George DIETER of Opequon is shared by at least two other family groups of TETER in America. These families are descendants of John TEETER of Washington Co., Virginia and of Captain Samuel TETER of Ross Co., Ohio. Our George DIETER of the Opequon arrived in America from Germany aboard the ship ALLEN in September, 1729. The ship ALLEN imported Palentines.(PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN PIONEERS by STRAUSSBURGER; pp. 16 & 19.)

"KTF" p.1-2:The name TETER as we know it today is a corruption, or a phonetical spelling, of DIETER, which is the way the name appears in early Colonial days in this country. It is from the old German root form THIUD and its derivatives TEUDART and TEUTHAR that our name DIETER comes. More than fifty common German names are derived from this ancestoral root. (KELLOGG NOTEBOOKS on W. VA FAMILIES by: Joseph M. KELLOGG, microfilm available from the UNIVERSITY of WEST VIRGINIA, Vol. I, page 1.)

"KTF" p.2:Characteristics said to be common among members of the TETER family were listed by Mr. John Weston TETER of Cedar Falls, Iowa, in a letter to Mr. Clyde TEATER in February, 1961. The traits are, "Earliest TETERs were LUTHERAN, later METHODIST; few CATHOLICS, mostly PROTESTANT, few slaveholders-most of later generations predominantly REPUBLICANS. The TETERs have dark hair, light complexion, blue eyes, straight or Roman (modified) noses, violent temperament, and slow to die. They are excellent hunters and marksmen." Although the Kentucky Teater family is not Lutheran, most of the other characteristics are typical for them. Kellogg says of the Kentucky Teaters, "There seem to be no Lutheran connections in this particular family, other than the baptism of children by Re. STOEVER." (KELLOGG NOTEBOOKS on WEST VIRGINIA FAMILIES--TEETER FAMILY, by:J. M. KELLOGG, Vol. I, p.37.)
"KTF" p.5-8 It is believed that our George DIETER came from the southern part of Germany. The name of his wife is unknown at this time. Jeorg DIETER came to this country with a group of BAPTISTS, commonly called "DUNKERS", eventually settling in Philadelphia, and their descendants came to be known as the PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH (Dutch is a corruption of DEUTSH, which means GERMAN). The formal title of the religious sect of which Jeorg DIETER was apparently a member was:"THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN" which was founded in the year of 1708 on the banks of the River Eder in Westphalia in the town of Schwarzenau, GERMANY (Note:Schwarzenau is in Austria not Germany-Bud Weaver). The church preferred being called the "Church of the Brethren", although they were also known as GERMAN BAPTIST BRETHREN, DUNKARDS, DUNKERS, TUNKERS, TAUFERS, or DONKELAARS. The Brethren emphasized the simple life, and they insisted on plain living. Their dress closely resembled that of the QUAKERS.
Upon hearing of the religious freedom of William PENN's colony in the NEW WORLD, twenty families, consisting of one hundred and twenty people, sailed for America, arriving in 1719 and settled in Germantown. The leader of the Church of the Brethren, Alexander MACK, came to America in 1729 bringing with him most of the other DUNKERS. MACK arrived in Philadelphia on a Sunday, the eleventh day of September on a ship called "ALLEN". Among the colony of DUNKERS aboard the ship "ALLEN" was the emigrant forefather of our Kentucky TEATER Family--Jeorg DIETER. Those few remaining in the old country returned to the REREFORMED CHURCH; however, the kentire Church of the Brethren may be
said to have transferred to Pennsylvania.

In the spring of 1729, in the port city of Rotterdam, Alexander MACK and his DUNKER followers boarded the ship "ALLEN", piloted by Captain James CRAIGS. The "ALLEN" sailed from Rotterdam to the Isle of Wight and temporarily anchored at the port of Cowes. Upon receiving favorable winds, the "ALLEN" set sail on 7 July 1729 for Philadelphia, arriving there on Sunday, the eleventh day of September 1729, after more than two months on the Atlantic Ocean. From the time the people left the PALATINATE till they reached the destination of America, the journey lasted fully half a year.
"KTF" p.10:On September 15, 1729, before the provincial council of Philadelphia, in the court house on High Street (now Market Street) between Second and Third, Jeorg DIETER affixed his signature to two oaths--to a large sheet of paper, Jeorg signed the oath of ALLEGIANCE to the KING of GREAT BRITAIN, and to a paper bound volume he attached his signature to the oath of ABJURATION. The oaths Jeorg DIETER signed indicated his loyalty to the King of England and the laws of the country.

"KTF" p.13:Jeorg DIETER, after reaching Philadelphia, moved on to the Valley of Virginia ca 1730, stopping at Shepherdstown, Virgina (now West Virginia) for about a year, arriving in the the Valley of Virginia ca 1731, where he apparently lived out his life. In 1734, Orange County, Virginia was formed from Spottsylvania County, Virginia. This was the father of George TETER who moved to Kentucky in 1779. The German name of Jeorg DIETER is George TETER when Anglocized, and if spoken by a German, they would sound the same.
"KTF" p.16-18:In 1770 Botetourt County, Virginia was formed from Augusta Co., Virginia.
In 1772 Fincastle Co., Virginia formed from Botetourt Co., Virginia.
In 1777 Botetourt Co., Virginia became divided into KENTUCKY, MONTGOMERY & WASHINGTON COUNTIES in Virginia.
November 1, 1780, Kentucky Co., Virginia formed into Lincoln, Jefferson and Fayette Counties, Virginia.

1785 - Madison and Mercer Counties formed from Lincoln County.
1796 - Garrard County formed from parts of Mercer, Lincoln, and Madison Counties.
"KTF" p.21:Professor Joseph Mitchell KELLOGG pointed out that his forefather, another George TETER, was living about one hundred miles from our forefather in Virginia in the 1730's. The George TETER, at this time, not associated with the Kentucky TEATER family, lived in a community of German people of the Lutheran faith and centered around the HEBRON LUTHERAN CHURCH, in present-day Pendleton Co., West Virginia.
"KTF" p.26-27:Our KENTUCKY TEATER Family, other than our forefathers, for many generations has been predominately BAPTIST and METHODIST--the Methodist Faith seeming to come after the GREAT REVIVAL in the early part of the Nineteenth Century.
Other TETER lines have been associated with the LUTHERAN Faith, but our forefather came to America in a BAPTIST group, and his son-the "George" TETER who came to Kentucky, was a BAPTIST. Many of the descendants of "George" TETER of Kentucky who went West in the early 1800s appear to have been BAPTISTS because they are buried in BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERIES


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