Chicago, Cook County, Illinois



Latitude: 41.90636538970964, Longitude: -87.73681640625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Ingeborg  16 Apr 1879Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2853 Illinois 
2 Almquist, Evelyn Signe  18 Dec 1912Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3051 Illinois 
3 Anderson, Claire Corinne  7 Mar 1922Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2921 Illinois 
4 Anderson, Elaine Ruth  3 Apr 1922Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2964 Illinois 
5 Ashworth, Edward W  29 Jan 1895Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I165898 Illinois 
6 Ashworth, Frank Delbert  24 Aug 1893Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I165897 Illinois 
7 Back, Paul Fridorf  8 Aug 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois  I3052 Illinois 
8 Berg, Mathilda  Dec 1888Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I71105 Illinois 
9 Bjorner, Harriet M.  7 Nov 1923Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3281 Illinois 
10 Brown, Harry Henry Arthur  16 Jul 1902Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3511 Illinois 
11 Burkland, Björklund, Ester  Jan 1885Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2658 Illinois 
12 Carlson, Harold  Abt 1914Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3324 Illinois 
13 Carlson, Roy E.  25 May 1925Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3326 Illinois 
14 Carlson, Ruth Virginia  Abt 1922Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3325 Illinois 
15 Engelman, Valentine Robert  2 Jul 1923Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I6524 Illinois 
16 Greenlimb, Florence  Abt 1902Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3409 Illinois 
17 Greenlimb, Lillian M.  28 Jul 1903Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3410 Illinois 
18 Hallgren, Theodore Peter  1919Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2918 Illinois 
19 Hofmann, George Gustav  9 Dec 1916Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I11265 Illinois 
20 Johnson, Arthur W. (Artur Vilhelm)  Abt 1898Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2869 Illinois 
21 Johnson, Joanne C.  11 Dec 1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I6505 Illinois 
22 Johnson, William  9 Apr.1916Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2426 Illinois 
23 Kristan, Florence  23 Jun 1909Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2401 Illinois 
24 Larson, Albert  Dec 1898Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I11207 Illinois 
25 Larson, Annie  Abt 1903Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I11209 Illinois 
26 Larson, Harry  Abt 1906Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I11210 Illinois 
27 Larson, Oscar  Abt 1901Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I11208 Illinois 
28 Lindberg (Lindborg), Harold Bonde  24 Jul 1889Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I239336 Illinois 
29 Lindborg, Harry E  21 Jul 1882Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I239333 Illinois 
30 Lindborg, Mildred  1907Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3123 Illinois 
31 Lindborg, William M.  6 Mar 1902Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3122 Illinois 
32 Magel, Gloria  2 Jul 1925Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I6521 Illinois 
33 Magel, Lorraine Alice  14 Sep 1922Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I6510 Illinois 
34 Malmstrom, Cora  Sep 1892Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3204 Illinois 
35 Malmstrom, Gerdie  Dec 1890Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I155172 Illinois 
36 Morgan, George Arthur Jr.   I2132 Illinois 
37 Nyberg, Mable/Mabel Elvera  24 Feb 1899Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I59381 Illinois 
38 Nylen, Norman  11 Oct 1926Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3262 Illinois 
39 Olson, Junette Ingeborg  28 Sep 1931Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3088 Illinois 
40 Olson, Rudolph Arnold  Abt 1939Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3089 Illinois 
41 Peglow, Anna  7 May 1894Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2430 Illinois 
42 Peglow, Elfrieda Margaret  26 Jan 1893Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2397 Illinois 
43 Peglow, Henry W.  24 Mar 1897Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2431 Illinois 
44 Peglow, Sophia  1890Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2429 Illinois 
45 Persson, Ingrid M.  Abt 1936Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I5405 Illinois 
46 Persson, Per  Abt 1933Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I5404 Illinois 
47 Peterson, Alice Lillian  27 Oct 1921Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I5376 Illinois 
48 Peterson, Elaine Louise  21 Dec 1925Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I5375 Illinois 
49 Peterson, Melvin Carl  21 Sep 1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I5328 Illinois 
50 Peterson, Walter Raymond  1 Feb 1923Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I5271 Illinois 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Ingeborg  23 Oct 1912Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2853 Illinois 
2 Adams (Adam), Asmus (Rasmus) Hansen  1919Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I101934 Illinois 
3 Ahlm (Alm), Nils Helge Martin  25 Mar 2002Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2897 Illinois 
4 Almquist, Anton Olof  21 Apr 1938Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I141898 Illinois 
5 Alström, Anna Charlotta  Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2011 Illinois 
6 Anderson, John L.  30 Apr 1931Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3592 Illinois 
7 Anderson, Matilda (Mathilda)  1 Nov 1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3583 Illinois 
8 Anderson, Maud (or Maude) G.  3 Aug 2000Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2976 Illinois 
9 Anderson (Andersdotter), Ellen Josephine  8 Feb 1976Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2169 Illinois 
10 Ashworth, John Byron  7 Mar 1927Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2039 Illinois 
11 Back, Paul Fridorf  15 Feb 1990Chicago, Cook County, Illinois  I3052 Illinois 
12 Brandt, John  20 Nov 1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I11217 Illinois 
13 Burkland, Björklund, Ester  9 May 1901Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2658 Illinois 
14 Carlson, Signe Marie  27 Feb 1963Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I141899 Illinois 
15 Edborg, Agnes Augusta  24 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I239332 Illinois 
16 Erickson, Robert  18 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1855 Illinois 
17 Erickson, Robert D.  24 Apr 2001Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I5633 Illinois 
18 Greenlimb, Oscar A  Dec 1971Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I142559 Illinois 
19 Greenlimb (Grönqvist), John O. (Johan Oskar)  15 Jan 1924Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I142555 Illinois 
20 Halck, Gustaf Rudolph Thomas Wilhelmsson  5 Oct 1923Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I187616 Illinois 
21 Jacobson, Gunhild  Feb 2002Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2975 Illinois 
22 Johnson, Bror Natanael  Sep 1975Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2042 Illinois 
23 Johnson, Sophia Anna  15 Mar 1909Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I229092 Illinois 
24 Johnson (Persdotter Jönsson), Maria Albertina  13 Nov 1907Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I35 Björkander, Carolina 
25 Källström, Maria Wilhelmina  15 Nov 1906Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3105 Illinois 
26 Larson, Augusta  19 Feb 1931Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I165896 Illinois 
27 Larson (Larsson), Simon  12 Nov 1916Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I11205 Illinois 
28 Lindberg (Lindborg), Harold Bonde  23 Jun 1913Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I239336 Illinois 
29 Lindborg, Harry E  9 Jun 1936Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I239333 Illinois 
30 Lundin, Clara (Klara)  5 May 1927Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I142556 Illinois 
31 Magel, Gloria  30 May 1985Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I6521 Illinois 
32 Magel, Lorraine Alice  12 Jul 1982Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I6510 Illinois 
33 Malmstrom (Malmström), Fredrik Knut  1 Occt 1916Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3196 Illinois 
34 Malmstrom (Malmström), Fritz Ellys  11 Dec 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I155169 Illinois 
35 Nyberg, Mable/Mabel Elvera  24 May 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I59381 Illinois 
36 Olesdotter (olsen), Johannah Mortina  22 Mar 1899Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3152 Illinois 
37 Olson, Junette Ingeborg  28 Feb 2001Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3088 Illinois 
38 Olson, Rudolph  3 Jan 1968Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3086 Illinois 
39 Olsson, Emelia (Emilia)  Jun 1937Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I11206 Illinois 
40 Ostrand (Åstrand), Matilda Charlotta  29 May 1945Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I59471 Illinois 
41 Peglow, Henry (Heinrick)  29 Jan 1932Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2423 Illinois 
42 Peglow, Henry W.  13 Nov 1922Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2431 Illinois 
43 Peglow, Sophia  6 Apr 1943Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2429 Illinois 
44 Persson, Per Albin  23 Feb 1962Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I5402 Illinois 
45 Persson, Signe  21 May 1975Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I5403 Illinois 
46 Peterson (Augustsdotter or Pettersson), Edith (Edit) Sophia (Sofia)  17 Mar 1935Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3579 Illinois 
47 Peterson (Augustsson), Erik Daniel  Jul 1977Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3587 Illinois 
48 Peterson (Persson), Karl Samuel  27 Nov 1958Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3604 Illinois 
49 Pettit, Evelyn Annemarie  1 Dec 1970Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2659 Illinois 
50 Poulsen, Ingeborg Katrine (Cathrine)  29 Feb 1892Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2852 Illinois 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID   Tree 
1 Peglow, Elfrieda Margaret  6 Dec 1915Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2397 Illinois 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahlm (Alm), Nils Helge Martin  16 Nov 1938Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2897 Illinois 
2 Johansson, Axel Alfred  20 Dec 1932Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3133 Illinois 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Ernest  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2989 Illinois 
2 Anderson, John L.  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3592 Illinois 
3 Bostrom, Albert  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1739 Illinois 
4 Danielson, John  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1760 Illinois 
5 Lindstrom (Lindström), David Emanuel  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1695 Illinois 
6 Lindstrom (Lindström), Hildur Elizabeth (Elisabeth)  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1691 Illinois 
7 Malmstrom (Malmström), August Theodor Ludvig  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I155167 Illinois 
8 Malmstrom (Malmström), Fritz Ellys  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I155169 Illinois 
9 Nelson, Edwin  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I62577 Illinois 
10 Owen (Bryan), John Baird  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I753 Björkander, Carolina 
11 Peterson (Persson), Elof Wilhelm (Vilhelm)  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3606 Illinois 
12 Piel, Henry C.  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1838 Illinois 
13 Piel, Henry C.  1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1838 Illinois 
14 Smith, Elfick Ferdinand  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3578 Illinois 
15 Williamsen, Emil R.  1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2332 Illinois 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Galon (Gallon), Hattie (Hedda) Ulrika  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I114719 Illinois 
2 Galoon, Eric  1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2782 Illinois 
3 Hedstrom, Oliver  1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2799 Illinois 
4 Johansson, Axel Alfred  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3133 Illinois 
5 Johansson, Axel Alfred  1940Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I3133 Illinois 
6 Persdotter Pettersson/Peterson (Nyberg), Alma Carolina  15 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I59372 Illinois 
7 Persdotter Pettersson/Peterson (Nyberg), Alma Carolina  1 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I59372 Illinois 
8 Sorenson, Frances L.  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2714 Björkander, Carolina 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ashworth / Larson  1893Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F228538 Illinois 
2 Burkland, Björklund (Johansson) / Ullstrom (Uttström)  23 May 1884Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F706 Illinois 
3 Chaiser (Jonasson, Petersson or Magnusson) / Ostrand (Åstrand)  11 Oct 1884Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F35701 Illinois 
4 Davidsen / Kipley  1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F735 Illinois 
5 Greenlimb (Grönqvist) / Bergman  1 Dec 1911Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F1049 Illinois 
6 Johnson / Anderson (Andersdotter)  19 Sep 1925Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F225 Illinois 
7 Johnson / Peglow  6 Dec 1915Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F755 Illinois 
8 Johnson / Sipress  4 Feb 1890Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F987 Illinois 
9 Pederson (Pedersen) / Adams  6 Feb 1892Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F100 Illinois 
10 Persson / Anderson  19 Jun 1954Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F1725 Illinois 
11 Petersen / Hansen Adam  21 Apr 1880Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F756 Illinois 
12 Peterson (Augustsson) / Wennerstrand  7 May 1913Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F4341 Illinois 
13 Peterson (Persson) / Storm  5 Aug 1914Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F4315 Illinois 
14 Peterson (Persson) / Wallen  14 Mar 1916Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F4329 Illinois 
15 Smith / Anderson  5 Jan 1878Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F1107 Illinois 
16 Smith / Peterson (Augustsdotter or Pettersson)  12 May 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F1106 Illinois 
17 Soderlund (SÖDERLUND) / Johnson  29 Jul 1925Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F1045 Illinois 
18 Svensson / Strömstedt  26 May 1881Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F648 Illinois 
19 Williams / Adams  14 May 1898Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F834 Illinois 


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   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams (Adam) / Nilsdotter (Nielsdotter)  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F126079 Illinois 
2 Anderson /   1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F804 Illinois 
3 Lundberg / Hedstrom  1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F807 Illinois 
4 Lundberg / Lundberg (Hedstrom)  1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F806 Illinois 
5 Nelson / Kallquist  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F50943 Illinois 
6 Ramsay / Smith  1993Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F1105 Illinois 
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